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DO YOU DRAW, PAINT, SKETCH, DO PHOTOGRAPHY OR ARE YOU JUST GOOD AT WRITING SLOGANS. and another company, are my main sources of income when it comes to my artwork. is an American company and I rate it number one with its ease of use and flexibility.It also allows you to set up a more conventional online store. is a British company and although it is not my favorite to use it is comparable. 

   Keep in mind your artwork must be original and you must: own 100% of the copyrights in order to sell your artwork on their websites.


When looking for a company to deal with online the company should provide the following. 1.       You should retain all copyrights to the work you do. Some companies offer one-time deals or contest in which they obtain all copyrights to your work. This is nothing less than Theft of a persons artwork and you should never do business with such companies. 2.       The company should provide some form of protection against theft of your artwork. This is not a guarantee that someone will try to steal your work but it is helpful. 3.       The company should offer associate programs that offer additional money for promoting their website or other people's artwork. Remember this is not about just selling your work but working as a community and helping everybody to sell their artwork. “A rising tide raises all ships.”

4. They should have adjustable royalties so you can set higher fees for better work.


​    In the past I have helped sell Disneyand DC comic products as well as many other products that were not my own. Don't get me wrong, my main goal is to sell my art work in my products but as any starving artist will tell you, making a few extra bucks selling somebody else's artwork is better than not selling anything at all. Also by helping a customer find what they're looking for many times will buy your product along with others.

   The main thing that you should keep in mind is that these stores will allow you to display and sell your artwork world wide. Over the past few years I have sold artwork to numerous countries throughout the world with little time or effort on my part.


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