NeVada crafter

Not just things to look at.

We are here to show that art can be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye. That crafts means craftsmanship and that the words made in America still means quality and ingenuity.

Love * Learn * Share * Grow

Owner, editor, artisan, craftsman, inventor, writer, I do it all. I have been an artisan and craftsman since the age of 12. I have studied and worked with wood, metal, stone, glass, photography, computer graphics and to many other media to mention just a few. For the past 15 years I have sold my work worldwide through the Internet. I have now created Nevada Crafter to share those ideas and concepts. Here together we will explore what is possible, what works and what doesn't. I will review tools, ideas, and different types of crafts and arts. I will share helpful hints on where and how to sell your arts and crafts as well as how to create them.

Grow as we learn and share ideas

Learn from each other

Share what we love to do.



What We Do